22.11.2010 15:17

Footballer confessed to killing four people


Vladyslav Piskun, a player of FC Sevastopil, who killed in a traffic accident four people yesterday, on November 22, is arrested and placed in detention facility in Sevastopil police department. According to the examination, at the time of the traffic accident Vladyslav Piskun was sober, according to a source in the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Sevastopil. Vladyslav Piskun pleaded guilty and gave evidence, the source said.

Due to the testimony of a 24-year master of sports in football he met at a traffic light with his acquaintance driving the Mitsubishi. They decided to arrange the race. During the race Mitsubishi burst forward and Vladyslav Piskun decided to overtake him in the opposite trolleybus lane by him BMW, but lost control and ran out onto the sidewalk where at first BMW car hit the post, then bounced to the wall of the building. After that, in the return flight, he damaged the body of woman with two children at the age of 2 and 5. All three died at the scene, UNIAN reports.

The source said that police could barely manage to repulse Vladyslav Piskun from an angry crowd (including the father and the husband of the dead), which was ready to kill the killer at the scene.

Later, the detainee's lawyer attempted to release him, also said the source. However, police arrested the killer.

Footballer is afraid to go out of pre-trial detention writing a written undertaking not to leave the city. “Vladyslav is currently in the camera - told the press attaché of the club Maksym Korotaev. – He does no intend to leave the detention facility under the written undertaking not to leave the city. It is possible that because of his safety".

Later a passenger BMW, pregnant woman died in a hospital. She was injured severely during the traffic accident. It was reported that a passenger of the car was the wife of footballer, but after a while it was found that his wife was absent in the car and the deceased woman was an acquaintance of footballer, who is being identified now by the police.

Vladyslav Piskun plays for the local club Sevastopil. In recent years he was injured and did not play in the first team. The staff of the team, which is in the Ukrainian Premier League, condemned the actions of Vladyslav Piskun and expressed condolences to the families of the dead.



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