17.11.2010 14:18

Court found leader of "most murderous gang of Donetsk" not guilty


The Court of Appeal of Donetska region left the ruling of the Kyiv district court of Donetsk on closing the case in connection with the lapse of the case on criminal proceedings against Givi Nemsadze, in force. The General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine and the Interior Ministry considered Givi Nemsadze the leader of “the most murderous gang” in Donetsk.

In December 2005 the General Directorate of Interior Ministry in the Donetska region reported that the gang, which killed at least 57 people, was neutralized. Former Interior Minister Yurii Lutsenko at that time called Givi Nemsadze leader of one of the most murderous organized criminal groups in Donbas, reports Ostrov.

Givi Nemsadze who was declared in an international search, returned to Donetsk last summer, came to the General Prosecutor’s Office to make a confession and was released when he signed a written undertaking not to leave the city. In September, Donetsk Court decided to close a criminal case over prescription of years: Givi Nemsadze was charged under Art. 396, Part 1 ‘ Concealment’, and murders which were concealed him, dated 1992 and 1998.

Givi Nemsadze admitted his guilt that he had not informed law enforcement authorities about the murder of six people. However, he said, he did not kill anyone, he just was confused with his elder brother - Guram, who allegedly headed the organized criminal group. At the current moment, Guram Nemsadze is dead.

Valentyna Myshakova challenged the decision of the Kyiv District Court of Donetsk in the regional Court of Appeal. She continues to insist that Givi Nemsadze took an active part in the massacre of her two sons, Vadym, and Oleksandr. Her appeal was upheld by the other victim, a father of the killed together with his brothers Myshakov Vitalii Maksymov.

The panel of judges of the Appeal Court of Donetska Region decided not to grant an appeal of Valentyna Myshakova.



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