15.11.2010 11:44

Prisoner, murderer, who knifed man near Livoberezhna subway is apprehended


Yesterday, on November 14 in the morning, law enforcement officers apprehended the criminal who is suspected of killing a man in Kyiv, near the Livoberezhna subway station, the newspaper Segodnya cites the press officer of the Kyiv Department of State Protection Service Antonina Bezsheiko as saying.

Previously, the Kyiv law enforcement agents found out who killed a man and wounded a girl near the subway in Kyiv on November 8. According to police, he is resident of Kyiv, previously convicted for theft and robbery. His height is about 1 meter 85 cm, bald. He was wearing a dark jacket and sports trousers, the newspaper writes, citing sources in the police.

The suspect was under police surveillance after his release from prison. "We do not rule out that he is involved in other serious crime - murder of yachtsman Volodymyr Yesypenko, which was committed on the same day in the morning near Southern Terminal," – Korrespondent cites the policeman as saying.

In turn, police officers are saying that these crimes are not concerned with one another. The state of the girl who was a witness to murder, is satisfactory now.

"Everything happened within several seconds, and she did not really had time to look at the assailant. She had just remembered that the killer was crying to a man something loudly and then he pushed him. At that time the girl wanted to smoke a cigarette”,- said the mother of the victim. The girl’s lung and pancreas are injured. She lost two liters of blood. In addition, the girl told that during the attack there were many people around who saw how it happened.

According to the Interior Ministry, the daughter of the deceased told that the man who was killed Serhii Salnykov was supposed to have a meeting with a lawyer on that day to solve the problems with one of the customers, to whom he was doing repairs. And the witness of the incident Iryna told that the offender caught a folder from the hands of Serhii and fled the scene.


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