12.11.2010 09:44

Criminals beat reporter in Donetska region


In Kramatorsk, Donetska region people unknown beat a reporter, according to the PR Department of the General Directorate of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Donetska region.

On Thursday, November 11, the duty of city police department had a conversation with reporter working in Kramatorsk who made a statement on the prosecution of unknown persons who beat him and broke his personal camera. According to the law enforcement officers, investigative team was present later at the scene.

According to the injured reporter, it was found out that at 02:00 pm on Shkadynov vulytsia he saw a fight between unknown persons, and started to shoot it.

One of the participants of the conflict had seen it. He was outraged and struck the reporter’s face. Reporter fell to the ground and broke the camera, Ukrainskaya pravda reports.

Now the police are trying to identify participants of the crime and bring them to justice, said the regional police department.

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