11.11.2010 12:17

Famous yachtsman is killed in Kyiv


On Tuesday, November 9, in Kyiv on Lukashevych vulytsia near Southern railway breathless body of a man was found in the jeep Hyundai. Representative of Kyiv police say that 54-year-old resident of Kyiv at first was struck on the head with a heavy object and then he was smothered with a seat belt. The murderer was not found.

The person who was killed was Volodymyr Yesypenko, he was a famous man among lovers of sailing. On that day he met his wife from the train. According to friends of his family, the murderers could be interested in a laptop that went missing from the car. One of the major versions of the murder by police is robbery.

As a reminder, as reported MIGnews.com.ua, a few days ago in Kyiv near the exit from the subway station Livoberezhna a person unknown knifed a man and injured a girl, witness, 19. Based on materials from Gazeta po-kievski


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