02.11.2010 15:44

Prostitute sells her underage friend for group sex


If previously one could meet girls at least at the age of 20 working as prostitutes, now nobody will be surprised if he meets 13-year-old girls in brothels. Recently, Chernihiv law enforcers caught a girl, 18 who sold herself, still selling her friend.

Policemen apprehend prostitutes every week, and everyone has got used to it and sees nothing strange about it. However, sometimes the age and persistence of prostitutes surprises. The resident of the Chernihivska region a month ago has already was noticed by the police. At that time she was only seventeen, but she already worked as a prostitute successfully. Then police opened a criminal case against her, and released on the written undertaking not to leave the city.

The young lady celebrated a birthday (she was 18) and decided to revive her business, but still involved a 16-year-old friend into it. They were arrested soon again, reports Kriminal.tv.

Probably, this time the girl will not released on the written undertaking not to leave the city and a measure of restraint in custody will be chosen. In addition, the article that she is accused, provides up to five years imprisonment.

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