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Girl was forced to sell cocaine under hypnosis


In Kyiv, in a private house on Scherbakova Street one could know about his fate, to solve family problems and remove evil curse paying 100 hryvnis for it. From the first session fortune teller Lara made a person to be a state of trance, and learned all his personal secrets, and then predicted a terrible future with all details of private life, writes Kriminal.tv.

So, once a young girl visited Lara who recently lost her job, had a quarrel with her boyfriend and looked for advice. Fortune teller told her that the evil curse was put on the girl. She needed 1,000 US dollars to get rid of it, or she could die soon. Of course, the terrified girl was ready to give any money to avoid trouble. Therefore, for some time all the money earned by her working as a cook in a restaurant, had been brought to Lara.

The fortune teller lit candles, said spell, and thus eliminated the trouble and received a considerable reward. It lasted for one year and a half. The girl came to the fortune teller a few times a week, each time she brought more and more money. While being under hypnosis, the girl was doing everything that was ordered to her. When the money were spent, the poor girl was forced to sell cocaine.

The girl was giving all money which was earned by selling cocaine. At the same time, she did not even realize that was engaged in illegal activities. Everything happened under hypnosis. The staff of the department to combat illegal drug trafficking in the Shevchenkovskyi district detained "on hot" fortune-teller and a taxi driver. Now law enforcers are deciding the issue to open a criminal case under part 2 of Art. 307 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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