29.10.2010 14:07

Prominent businessmen depraved children and infected them with hepatitis


In Mariupol, Donetska region law enforcement officers arrested two local businessmen, who for two years had been engaged in sexual defilement of minors, was reported in the press service of the Mariupol city directorate of the Main Directorate of Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Donetska region.

According to the Head of Mariupol police city directorate Mykhailo Uzun, law enforcement officers received information that in one of the clubs of the city two prominent businessmen depraved children. During the search operations it was revealed that in the premises of one of the night entertainment facilities two local men, 54 and 49 organized and keep a disorderly house, writes UNIAN."For two years around 200 girls at the age of 11 to 15 were depraved - said Mykhailo Uzun. - Victims of businessmen were the girls from low-income or single-parent families, as well as boarding students and residents of nearby villages. The main criteria for selection of victims were virginity and novelty: girls without sexual experience, or those that did not have contacts with adult men had a high value.

Prostitutes were engaged in searching of the girls who had received compensation from the owners as follows: 300-500 hryvnias for virgin and 150-200 hryvnia for the new girl, which had not previously been depraved by businessmen.

“The child while being intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or clonidine did not control his actions. If the young lady refused to have sexual contact, men at first had sexual intercourse with experienced prostitutes and then with the girls," - said the law enforcer, adding that the attackers threatened their victims by threatening to "drown them in the Azov Sea," if they tell anyone what had happened.

According to the investigation, the elder of the men had been infected with hepatitis C. He knew about the disease and wanted to revenge for the disease, he continued to infect minor girls with the dangerous and intractable disease.

During the search and apprehension of attackers drugs, CDs and pornographic literature, guns and grenade were found out. At present prosecutor’s office have opened criminal case under Part 2 art. 302 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine "Establishment or maintenance of disorderly houses and procuration."


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