27.10.2010 10:51

Candidate for mayor was injured at press conference


In Kherson, unidentified persons fired at office of a candidate for city chairman of the Union of Left Forces Vladlen Hiryn during his press conference. Yesterday, on October 26 around 07:35 pm during a press conference in the office of the company, which belongs to the candidate, the unidentified persons shot from smoothbore firearms.

According to Vladlen Hiryn, all people who were present at the event, fell to the floor, but due to shooting two people, one of whom was Vladlen Hiryn himself, were injured by a shot. Also one of the journalists was injured by fragments of the broken window glass. During the incident, none of the attackers was detained.

Vladlen Hiryn believes that the attack is caused by with his political activities. According to him, it is "a kind of warning of someone of my opponents in the struggle for the office of mayor of Kherson”, proUA reports.

Head of Public Relations Center of Interior Ministry Directorate in the Khersonska region, police colonel Olena Renkas has confirmed the shooting. According to her, now the investigative team of the Interior Ministry Directorate are investigating the circumstances of the incident.

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