26.10.2010 13:34

Take care of your car! ‘Acid maniac’ appeared in Kyiv. Photo


In the Lisnyi housing area in Kyiv a person unknown poured eight cars with acid that were standing in the green zone. "We received eight applications from the victims. Motor vehicles, poured with acid on Kurchatova vulytsia, stood in the green zone. Paint-and-lacquer coating is damaged on all cars. Some plastic parts are fused. We took scrapes and questioned witnesses," - said the assistant chief of Desnianskyi district police department Natalia Stetsenko.

According to her, now investigation activities are being conducted. Owners of damaged cars have already called a hooligan, who spoiled their property, ‘Acid maniac’.

"I went out around 7 am and got into the car. There was a substance on the car which resembled liquid soap. I began to wipe it, but it was peeling off together with paint! I realized that it was acid. Why he spoiled my car, as it stood on the pavement, and not on the lawn?", - Blik cites Evhen Pirohov, the owner of the car that was damaged, as saying.

According to him, he will have to repaint the left front door, rear left fender, hood and roof completely, acid damaged also the bumper and headlight. The cost of painting, according to the owner of the car, will be 5,000-6,000 hryvnia.

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