21.10.2010 13:13

Criminal case is opened on beating of BYuT activists. Photo


Chervonozavodskyi district police department in Kharkiv opened a criminal case on beating a member of the electoral headquarters of the Kharkiv organization of the party Batkivschyna Morika Liashenko. Previously, on October 19 at 03:30 pm on Oleksandra Nevskoho vulytsia people unknown beat an activist of Batkivschyna Morika Liashenko near the agitation tent of the candidate for the post of the Kharkiv mayor Arsen Avakov.

According to the victim, the assailants - two men - were wearing masks. At first, they began to molest the girl, who worked in the tent. And when Morika Liashenko tried to defend her, one of the men hit the woman, 68 in the face. Then she lost consciousness. After this, the attackers broke down the tent. The ambulance car and the police were called at the scene, the victim was hospitalized in emergency hospital with a broken jaw and hypertensive crisis.

The leader of the regional organization of Batkivschyna and candidate for mayor of Kharkiv Arsen Avakov sharply condemned the actions of the raiders. After having visited the activist of Batkivschyna in one of the Kharkiv hospitals, he promised that the attackers will be punished, the press service of Arsen Avakov reports.

Candidate for the mayor is sure that the attack is directly related to election campaign and actions of some political opponents of Batkivschyna in Kharkiv, UNIAN reports.

According to the Morika Liashenko, she feels unwell because of severe headaches.

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