20.10.2010 10:49

Traffic accident occurred due to bar at railway


The investigation into the accident on October 13 at a railway crossing in the village Tarasivka in the Kyivska region, where the train crashed into an ambulance car, received the document. The time of traffic accident, which killed the married couple and medical assistant and the driver of the ambulance car was injured severely, was shot accidentally by the surveillance video camera.

The video was shot by the camera which was mounted twenty meters from the crossing in the grocery store. The video shows that the ambulance car did not stall on the track, as previously was announced in one version, and drove without stopping. It also shows that the auxiliary bar was not lowered, so an ambulance car could travel on the rails. Collision with train occurred within seconds after the car had passed the raised auxiliary bar.

Local railway workers reported that the automatic bar in Tarasivka was poorly adjusted and men on duty repeatedly recorded in the reporting documentation that it worked improperly, and railway management did not react to the complaints, writes Segodnya.

Store employees sent the video to the chief doctor of the district hospital in Boyarka where the affected driver and medical assistant had been taken after the traffic accident. Physicians, in turn, gave video to the law enforcement agencies. They hope that it will help the driver avoid punishment. Now video is being checked for authenticity.

As reported MIGnews.com.ua, on October 13 ambulance car which was transporting woman in child birth, faced with a train at a railway crossing in the village Tarasivka, Kyivska region.

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