06.10.2010 16:49

Persons unknown shot at candidate for deputy from Batvischyna party


In the Luhanska region persons unknown attacked candidate for deputy in the Alchevsk City Council from Batkivschyna party Pavlo Lisianskyi, said the ByuT (Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko). According to Batkivschyna, on the night of 4 to 5 of October Pavlo Lisianskyi received two gunshot wounds.

Now the candidate for deputies is in the surgical department in Alchevsk hospital where he underwent surgery. Prosecutors opened a criminal case on the assault, Korrespondent reports.

"Lisianskyi is an activist and leader of the student self-government. He is the first deputy chairman of the Alchevsk city organization of our party and chairman of Moloda Batkivschyna" - the head of Alchevsk city organization of the party Artiom Salikhov said.

"We have every reason to link the attack on Lisianskyi just with his registration as a candidate to the deputies in the City Council," - added Artiom Salikhov.

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