17.09.2010 13:25

Court released leader of Donetsk gang Givi Nemsadze


The Kyiv regional court in Donetsk closed the case on prosecution against a citizen of Ukraine Givi Nemsadze, at the request of the General Prosecutor's Office yesterday, on September 16. The General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine and the Interior Ministry considered Givi Nemsadze the leader of the Donetsk gang. The case is closed in connection with the statute of limitation.

As a reminder, in December 2005, the General Directorate of the Interior Ministry in Donetska region reported that the gang headed by Givi Nemsadze had been neutralized. The gang killed at least 57 people. The murders had been committed in 1990-2002 within the territory of Ukraine and neighboring countries. In 2005-2006, the Interior Ministry of Ukraine and Russia arrested 25 members of the gang. Givi Nemsadze, who was put on the international wanted list, returned to Donetsk in late July of this year, appeared in the General Prosecutor's Office giving himself up and was released writing a written undertaking not to leave the city.

During the court meeting for two days Givi Nemsadze admitted his guilt that he had not informed law enforcement agencies about the murder of six people. However, he said, he did not kill anyone, and all charges against him were due to the fact that he was confused with his elder brother - Guram, who died in 2003. "If my brother was alive, then I certainly would not testify," Kommersant-Ukraine cites Givi Nemsadze as saying.

As the chairman of the Kyiv district court of Donetsk, Volodymyr Baulin reported, only the initials "GD" were in the minutes of the investigation. According to the lawyer of Mr. Nemsadze Anatolii Nosovytskyi, the name of his client appeared “in connection with the desire of the previous government to prove the existence of the Donetsk Mafia": "We needed a live 'figure', and Givi Nemsadze appeared. The first letters of the name of my client and his brother coincide”.

Oleksii Bahanets, who in 2005 was a prosecutor in Donetska region, found it difficult to comment on the decision of the court: "I worked as a prosecutor in Donetska region, where the investigation of this case had only begun. Then it was handed over to the General Prosecutor’s Office, and I was not related to it".


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