28.01.2010 16:12

So-called wags to be punished for video shot in army


Five months in the guardroom and three years with suspension are assigned for the participants of the video shot in the army, the newspaper Segodnya reports.

Video with shots how soldiers were beating brutally by turns using their hands, feet, shoes and belt a soldier Volodymyr Revun, appeared in the Internet due to the militants of the military unit A-2355 of Air Force, who participated in the shooting. Yesterday, on January 27 they were punished by the Sevastopol military city court of Sevastopol garrison, even though the victim tried to convince he was beaten in joke and that he even did not apply to the doctor for help.

Oleh Bondarenko, 19 who is to serve for another six months, will be in the guardroom five months, and Mykhaylo Hashchenko, 19 received three years of imprisonment with a suspension of the sentence at 1 year. 

TO WATCH THE VIDEO GO TO http://mignews.com.ua/en/video/51.html

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