05.01.2010 12:56

Ukrainian put out contract on importunate admirer from Lebanon


The murder owing to love happened in the Darnytsa district of Kyiv. 23-year-old girl put out contract on a 48-year-old Lebanese, who allegedly wanted to be seeing her, but the girl did not reciprocate his feelings, the newspaper Segodnya writes. She asked her friend to do that.

As an employee of the press service of the Kyiv police Oleksandr Radkevych told, contract murder occurred near the refueling station on Bazhana Avenue. "A person unknown attacked man and beat him up, and did not take any valuables from the victim. After a while, doctors reported that hospitalized Lebanese died of his injuries. We have begun to investigate the case and found that on that day he had a meeting with a girl near Slavutych subway and they went to a café nearby,"- said Oleksandr Radkevych.

According to him, the girl admitted that she had put out a contract on the Lebanese, but she did not require to kill him, just asking a friend to frighten annoying admirer – saying she was not interested in him.

"The girl and her friend, a resident of the Cherkasy Region, who beat the Lebanese up, are detained. They admitted their guilt. We also found that the Lebanese had lived in Ukraine for 10 years and was married," - said Oleksandr Radkevych.

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