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Accountant of Naftogaz of Ukraine arrested in Russia. Photo photo by UNIAN
// 14.09.2010 // 11:31 //

Accountant of Naftogaz of Ukraine arrested in Russia. Photo
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Accountant of NAK Naftogaz of Ukraine is arrested in Russia. According to press reports, over two months Maria Kushnir was hiding in a remote area of Volgograd.

SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) assumed the fact that the ex-accountant was hiding in Russia. Ukrainian and Russian security forces carried out together the operation to apprehend fugitive accountant. Maria Kushnir was hiding in one of the bedroom suburbs of the city - Kirovskyi.

Now ex-accountant of Naftogaz of Ukraine is in the Volgograd detention facility. She should be sent home in the nearest future. If she is found guilty, Maria Kushnir will face more than three years imprisonment, Komsomolskaya Pravda Ukraine reports.

In Ukraine prosecutor’s office predicted Maria Kushnir staying in the detention facility next to the other defendants in the case: Ihor Didenko, Anatolii Makarenko and Taras Shepitko. But immediately after the criminal proceedings had been initiated the woman disappeared.

As a reminder, Maria Kushnir is a defendant in the case on theft of gas. In early 2009, when there was clearance of gas of RosUkrEnergo in favor of Naftogaz of Ukraine, Maria Kushnir worked as deputy chief accountant in the Ukrainian company.

"Her function was only to sign the documents. She ordered to put gas to the balance of Naftogaz and signed the initial document," - SBU head Valerii Khoroshkovskyi said.

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